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Psychometric Test

The term psychometric test can be used to describe two broad types of testing; personality tests, concerned with character traits, and ability (or aptitude) tests, covering areas such as logical reasoning and the ability to analyse.

Psychometric test preparation is a crucial step on the way to acquire your next job. Now days employers want the best person for the job by finding the right applicant. It’s about hiring the person who will best fit the job; from a skills, intelligence, personality and cultural perspective. Psychometric testing results provide employers with a behavioural profile of you - your level of intelligence or aptitude (measured by aptitude tests), and your personality characteristics (measured by the personality test). The profile will indicate whether you can solve problems, are a team player or whether you prefer to work individually, and other relevant attributes. So prior to taking the test, prepare for Psychometric test under the guidance of career coach. Jobhunt Provides you with psychometric practice tools, improve you psychometric test results.

Did you ever wonder how you would do in a specific career or as an entrepreneur, or what it would take to be the star at your workplace?

Whether you are at the verge of beginning your career are will to make a successful career change, you have to know what type of career is going to suit your personality. Psychometric tests are a quick, convenient way of “personality typing” getting an idea of which specific personality group you fall into in terms of skill sets, ambitions and aspirations. Once you know which group you fall into, it’s easier to assess what type of career might be suited to you.


Jobhunt offers Psychometric assessment designed to evaluate various facets of your personality that will help you leverage your strengths and address your weaknesses, so that you can over come those and achieve better success in your career.