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Video Resume


In today’s world of cyberspace, video resume is the “THING” which will last forever on the internet. With the breakthrough of Social Media taking over, it becomes vital to build an online presence to sustain in the combative culture.

As per the recent survey, average video resume clocking in at 60 seconds, gets you 10 times the amount of attention from the average recruiter as compared in the case of a Text Resume.

When the market is so crowded with job seekers over 200+ Nationalities, it can certainly be hard to stand out from the crowd.

Here, at Jobhuntgulf.com we introduce to you the hire –worthy Video Resume to accompany your traditional Text Resume.

Emerge out in the competitive job market as the prominent talent and showcase your skills and personality all before you get to the interview.


Why should I go for Video resume? / What difference can a video resume make in the Job Market?

Time Saving Tool- Recruiters save a lot of time in going through unwanted resumes which may or may not be what actually they are looking for; Video resume eliminates those chances and helps getting across the right candidates in no time.

Instant Screening of the Jobhunters- Communication, Confidence & Charisma are the 3 C’s which a Recruiter looks in particular during the time of Face to Face Interview, Surprisingly Video Resume solves the purpose at the convenience of both ie. Recruiter and Jobhunter.

Lays emphasis on Soft Skills- Display the intangibles one just can’t put on paper — like your persona, charisma, zeal for the job, and communication skills or to sum up your X FACTOR.

Because Essence surpasses Experience- Break out the stereotypes about the Experienced Competition, because it is YOU, your uniqueness & Personality which proves that you are a perfect fit to the Job and there is no better way other than Video Resume to showcase your persona.