MBSE HSSLC Result 2024 Toppers List: Meet the Toppers Across Science, Arts, and Commerce

MBSE HSSLC Result 2024 Toppers List: Meet the Toppers Across Science, Arts, and Commerce

It’s fantastic to see such exceptional talent emerging from the MBSE HSSLC exams in 2024! The dedication and hard work demonstrated by the toppers in the Science, Arts, and Commerce streams are truly inspiring. Congratulations to Lalramdina Ralte, Lalremruata Ralte, MD Aatif Nazir, Linden Lalremruatpuia, Vungnemkim Khuptong, Rody Lalrotluangi, David Lalhminghlua, Amram Laihnei Hlychho, and Vansangkimi for their outstanding achievements.

Their success serves as a beacon of motivation for future aspirants. Consistency, seeking guidance when needed, staying motivated, and maintaining a healthy balance between studies and other activities are indeed essential ingredients for success. It’s heartening to see these principles reflected in the journeys of these toppers.

To all the students out there, remember that your journey is unique, and with determination and perseverance, you can achieve your goals. Keep striving for excellence, and may your efforts lead you to great success. Congratulations once again to all the students who participated in the MBSE HSSLC 2024 exams!

Absolutely! Here are the toppers across the Science, Arts, and Commerce streams in the MBSE HSSLC Result 2024:

Science Stream:

  1. Lalramdina Ralte
    • Marks: 477
  2. Lalremruata Ralte
    • Marks: 448
  3. MD Aatif Nazir
    • Marks: 447

Arts Stream:

  1. Linden Lalremruatpuia
    • Marks: 471
  2. Vungnemkim Khuptong
    • Marks: 468
  3. Rody Lalrotluangi
    • Marks: 458

Commerce Stream:

  1. David Lalhminghlua
    • Marks: 460
  2. Amram Laihnei Hlychho
    • Marks: 454
  3. Vansangkimi
    • Marks: 437

These students have exhibited exceptional talent and dedication in their respective streams, setting a high standard for academic excellence. Congratulations to all the toppers for their outstanding achievements


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